Promoting newspapers in Finland


Kärkimedia, the biggest newspaper ad aggregator in Finland, is gathering reader stories of their most touching moments with newspapers. Face of the campaign is the famous rock star, Jussi69, a friend of a good read.

Campaign is running over multiple weeks in almost all Finnish newspapers. 

Newspaper makes a difference!!

Mazda print ad

Mazda ad was published in Finnish newspaper last week. Mazda is promoting their new Mazda3 and Shortcut was used to particapet to a competition.

UPM Griffin Magazine

UPM, one of the largerst paper companies in the world, published an article about Shortcut in their customer magazine, The Griffin.

"Being the most effective in advertising media, print has evolved into a channel for two-way communication with readers. With the use of image recognition applications, readers can now instantly access additional information, services, entertainment, social media and online shopping," says UPM´s Thomas Ehrnrooth.

Read the full article here: page 1 and page 2

In 2012, UPM’s sales exceed € 10 billion. UPM is present in 65 countries and has production plants in 15 countries. The company employs approximately 22,000 people worldwide. UPM shares are listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki stock exchange.

Samsung Gear in Metro

Samsung Galaxy Note3 + Gear campaign was in Metro newspaper in Finland.  With Shortcut, ad has direct access to Note3+Gear video.

Corporate Newspaper with a “play” function

animated gif with woman

When is the last time a Newspaper entertained you, made you laugh, made you cry, made you take the Newspaper with you to bed?

The fifth edition of ZaK (German Shortcut for “Newspaper for inspiring communication”), made by the Swiss Ad agency in flagranti, shows us how.

It includes 51 interactive images and when scanned with Shortcut, each one leads to an animated result (summary can be found here). The results represent the newest image trends and are very well designed. You will be astonished what “in flagranti” can do with images. And maybe it inspires you for your own work.

The e-paper can be found here.

Congratulations to “in flagranti” for this highly creative concept and the careful execution.

If you are interested in corporate publishing, this is for you.

Are you looking for new ideas for your publication? Ideas that generate results, ideas for a clever combination of your print publication with digital services? You then might consider joining us at the publishingNETWORK event on January 16th at 6PM

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Special thanks to Christian Mossner (Canon Switzerland), Hannes Zaugg (, Thomas Freitag (Bookfactory), and René Theiler (publishingNETWORKfor their support.

Yours sincerely

Keskisuomalainen launched Shortcut


Keskisuomalainen, the leading daily newspaper in Central Finland, started using Shortcut. Keskisuomalainen produces local TV news and those video reports are linked directly to the pages of the newspaper. 

HarperCollins Unbound powered by Shortcut

HarperCollins Publishers today announced the launch of HarperCollins Unbound, a multi-platform interactive experience that takes readers beyond the pages of the physical book. Through HarperCollins Unbound, consumers are able to explore multimedia and interactive content related to specific topics from within a book, enhancing their understanding of certain sections, providing access to demonstrations, and bringing readers closer to authors with personal interviews, recorded readings, and more. 

The HarperCollins Unbound app is powered by Shortcut Media’s interactive-print solution. 

“Shortcut is the leading solution for creating interactive print products, and we are excited to partner with HarperCollins,” said Herbert Bay, Chief Executive Officer, Shortcut Media AG. “Shortcut is all about a better reader experience and connecting readers to the digital world directly from print, and the Unbound app offers a new dimension for HarperCollins books!”

For more information about HarperCollins Unbound please visit

The press release can be found from this link.

Tupperware Cookbook

Tupperware is using Shortcut in their Cookbook in Germany. Every page has a recipe and scanning the page takes reader to ready-made shopping list for that recipe. It is also easy to go back to the it later: recipe is automatically stored on Shortcut app.

You won´t forget your favourite recipes anymore!

Audi Magazin in Switzerland



It is certainly “Vorsprung durch Technik” for Audi in Switzerland! Shortcut was launched with Audi Magazin.

Magazine is distributed to Audi owners and fans four times a year, and is available in German and French. Readers can open videos and other exciting Audi related content directly from the pages of the magazine!